TV & Film

Tales From the Cryptmultiple scores for HBO Series

Shrink Rap – score for comedy feature film

Popes: The Legacy of Peter (A&E Biography)

Dan Dare – theme and scores for 26 episode digital animated series (Sony)

Perversions of Science – score for “Exile” directed by William Malone for HBO

Sleepwalkers – score for “Counting Sheep” directed by William Malone for Columbia Tristar (ABC)

Monolith – with Bill Paxton, Louis Gossette, Jr., John Hurt (Universal MCA)

Steel Justice – with J. A. Preston and Joan Chen (Universal MCA)

To the Death – directed by Darrell James Roodt (Distant Horizon)

Face to Face – short film with Eric Stoltz

Hemingway (Biography) – score for two hour film for A&E Biography

The Lost Generation – score for two hour film for A&E Biography

Terminal Bliss – with Luke Perry (Cannon Pictures)

American Kickboxer – (Global Pictures)

Tales of Meeting and Parting – directed by Lesli Linka Glatter (Academy Award Nomination for Best Short Dramatic Film)

Gridiron Gang – (TV) – (theme and score) with Louis Gossette, Jr. (Emmy winning special)

Superspies – (theme and score) hosted by Patrick O’Neal for HBO

Bad Guys and Wicked Women – (theme and score) Patrick O’Neal for HBO

Happily Ever After – animated feature with Irene Cara, Tracey Ullman and Ed Asner (Filmation)

BraveStarr: The Legend– (Filmation) Theatrical Film and TV Series