“Variations on a Theme by William Billings for Solo Violin and String Orchestra”

This original work is based on a four voice canon “When Jesus Wept” by William Billings that was composed during the American Revolution Era.

The text of the original canon was written by Billings:

“When Jesus wept, the falling tear
in mercy flowed beyond all bound;
when Jesus mourned, a trembling fear
seized all the guilty world around.”

The form and structure of the score is a set of variations on the Billings theme first introduced by the solo violin and then developed by the solo violin and the string orchestra in 12 variations.

Copyright 2020 by Frank W. Becker and Becker Ditto Music


“A Moment of Calm in a Time of Anxiety”

“A Moment of Calm in a Time of Anxiety” is a short composition scored for piano, harp, cello and strings. It is a quiet, meditative work composed to honor the doctors, nurses, medical workers, journalists, truck and delivery drivers, grocery store and government employees who continue to bravely and unselfishly work to serve people around the globe in this time of tragedy and anxiety.


Completed the 2019 Version of My Composition “Stonehenge”

I composed “Stonehenge” for Flute, Percussion and Synthesizers in 1982. It was first performed in Japan and later recorded on EMI Angel Records by Ransom Wilson and Tom Raney on the album “Glass Reich Becker”. The 2019 scores have updated electronic elements and exists in three versions – one for solo flute and recorded accompaniment; a second for flute, percussion and recorded accompaniment; and a third for a quintet (flute, violin, clarinet and piano [four hands] plus recorded accompaniment).

Here’s an image of a page from my original score:

Frank W. Becker Stonhenge