“Canticle: To Do No Harm for Cello and Orchestra”

“Canticle: To Do No Harm” for Cello and Orchestra was composed to honor Dr. Anthony Fauci and the many doctors, nurses, scientists and healthcare workers who worked diligently for more than a year to create, develop and distribute the vaccine for Covid-19.

The twenty minute orchestra work was composed in 2020 and recorded in 2021. It begins with a quiet “Hymn of Praise” for Dr. Fauci. This is followed by a longer passage depicting the discovery of the virus and the ensuing battle to create the vaccine to combat it. Throughout the work the themes representing Dr. Fauci are interwoven in the counterpoint with fugues and counter themes depicting the mutations of the virus that spread throughout the United States and the world.

The Fauci theme that is first heard as a quiet hymn in the beginning of the composition transforms into a series of variations depicting the war against the insidious virus and concludes with the triumphant Fauci theme depicting the amazing victory over the virus and pandemic.


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