“2020: A Symphonic Poem in Five Movements”

“2020: A Symphonic Poem in Five Movements” is scored for full orchestra. The First Movement, “The Golden Age of Pyrite” begins with a lively Americana landscape and ends with a quiet solo flute playing the 13th Century Chant, “Dies Irae” (Day of Wrath). The second movement, “Covid-19” depicts the horror of the pandemic virus as it violently mutates and spreads across the nation and the world. The movement ends with the full orchestra playing the chant first heard at the end of the first movement. The third movement, “Hail to the …?” paints a portrait of a confused leader as the virus continues to spread out of control. The music combines “Hail to the Chief” with short quotes from Liszt’s “Les Prelude” and Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” The fourth movement, “Threnody”, is an elegy for the many victims of the virus. It features a solo cello accompanied by strings, harp and timpani. The last part of the movement includes a set of variations over the famous harmonic progression from Mozart’s “Lacrimosa”. The last movement, “Surviving the Pandemic”, returns to the thematic material of the first movement, plus a march and anthem celebrating the bravery of the doctors, nurses and healthcare workers. The composition ends with a statement of hope and of liberation from the pain and suffering of the 2020 pandemic.


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