Finished studio recording of Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra

“Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra” is a three-movement work featuring two solo pianos accompanied by a full symphonic orchestra. Each movement is a contrapuntal dialogue between two solo pianos. The first and third movements are Allegros while the second is an Adagio (Pas de deux). The new work was completed in May 2018.

The studio recording of the Concerto was performed, recorded and mixed on MOTU’s Digital Performer 9.5 Sequencer, Native Instruments Kontakt 5 plugin, Audio Ease’s Altiverb 7 Convolution Reverb and Izotope’s Ozone 8 Mastering Suite.

The solo piano parts were performed on two Synthogy Steinway Pianos while the orchestra parts were recorded on Cinesamples’ Woodwinds and Brass instruments, Native Instruments Orchestral Percussion and Cinematic Studio Strings.

copyright 2018 by Frank William Becker


2 thoughts on “Finished studio recording of Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra”

  1. hi Frank- Absolutely loved your concerto. Each movement had a unique character and yet contributed to the cohesiveness of the whole. Loved the jazz feel to the first movement.
    Really beautiful work -congratulations !!

  2. It is magical to be able to listen to a piece of music and have it transport you to another place. Your music evokes an emotional response which is rare to find. You are a truly gifted composer. Thank you for sharing your artistry. Continue creating and sharing, for the world needs to be awakened and healed by great composers like you Mr. Becker.

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